Shag Valley Farm is a family owned farm whose mission is to provide high quality meat, dairy, eggs, various herbs, and essential oils! We have enjoyed providing high quality foods for our family the past seventeen years. Our journey started 19 years ago after my daughter was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two. Having experienced what is like growing up with allergies and asthma from spending a substantial portion of my childhood in hospitals and doctors’ offices, I know that having a restricting life is not for any child!
Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed, I was introduced to traditional foods with the Weston Price Foundation. In 2002, I quickly became a advocate for eating whole and traditional food like our ancestors ate. I was blessed with being able to serve as a chapter leader for Weston a Price Foundation in our community since 2008. I’ve made it my life’s mission to train families on how to improve their diets through the traditional ways of cooking and finding high quality foods to improve their lives..