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Food Sensitivities and Difficult Behavior in Children

While every parent may dream of having a healthy, happy baby, some of us are blessed instead with a more complex “bundle of joy”.  We noticed a change of behavior in 6th (of 7!) child after we started him on wheat at the age of ~ 16 months.   Our blonde, beautiful baby boy that always smiled began banging and bruising his head, biting others, and pulling my own blonde locks at night while he fought off sleep.  My family is not the only one to have a puzzling and heart-wrenching story like this, but what may be looked at as a “phase” or “personality” that we were just expected to live with is something that I decided to look into and take a different approach to remedy these problems. 

A big question that each parent may ask in uncomfortable situations like this is “Why?”; why did my child suddenly change, why is this happening- and yet they may come up short with no answers that lead to change.   I have experienced a lifetime of medical issues, especially centered around the food, chemicals, and substances that I use in and on my body and that are used around me, so I decided to look in to my son’s problems with a mindset that there was something in his environment that was causing his behavior that we could change.   

My son is now 4 years old and we have learned a lot together through the years (and tears).  I have learned how to read his subtle behavior changes to help me determine his needs and reactions to certain foods and substances. For instance, I notice that when he has wheat, corn, oranges to name a few foods; he exhibits aggression, hair-pulling, screaming, and contorts his face by sticking his tongue up his nose which are actions that he normally does not do.   I believe that this is because his body is reacting adversely to particular substances in his diet. 

My husband and I recently decided to nourish our son with the “GAPS Diet” that focuses on gut health and the variety of bacteria that flourish and live in your body depending on the different foods you eat.  When we focus on giving our son the nutrients that he needs to help his little body grow and avoid the substances that may create reactions in his little belly, we notice that his behavior is pleasant and he is the smiling angel baby that I dreamed of. 

You can learn more about the GAPS diet at  I hope that my story can give some hope to other parents that are dealing with difficult behavior in their otherwise wonderful child and that I can encourage folks to pay attention to how they themselves act and feel based on the food and substance that you consume. 

Spring Into Simplicity 2019!

Yes, those are PJ! My kids can not wait to get up in the morning and start their day playing with the baby goats and enjoying the beautiful spring weather

Wow!!! New addition 5 girls 2 boy all cute and health and more excitement to come. Moms are doing wonderful keeping up with the little ones. Moms are sharing duties to help each other out.

 We have flats of seeds energetically reaching for the sun, children jumping in puddles with enthusiasm, chicks hatching with their shrill peeping, and goats heavily pregnant with kids that are due to arrive any day!  Spring is exciting and ever changing on the farm, although not always fun.
    We’ve also been keeping up with this break-neck expansion of future food by repairing and replacing fences, building new bunny hutches, and preparing and dressing food fields and garden beds.

Our combined litters of 11 Champagne D’argent, heritage breed, bunnies are weaned and moving into their own grow-out hutches away from their mama doe.  We’re new(ish) to rabbits, and this is the most we’ve ever had at one time, so we’re building and retro fitting hutches to keep the fluffy little bucks and does separate.
    This recent thaw has also given us the opportunity to replace fence posts and repair panels that were damaged over winter.  This is hard work that must be done to ensure the safety of all of our quickly arriving babies!