Our goats happily and freely graze five beautiful acres of luscious green pasture each day. We provide them with unlimited access to high quality horse alfalfa hay from never sprayed pastures. We also custom blend their to non-GMO feed offered during their daily visits to our hand-milking stall. This ensures their nutritional needs are met to the utmost degree while offering a wonderful treat for proving wonderful milk!

Goats milk is the most complete food known.

* Each goat share is a one-time cost of $12.50 per share.  One goat share equates to one half gallon of milk per week.  The goat share is refundable if you choose to stop getting milk and jars are returned.
* The monthly boarding fee is $28.00 per month per goat share.
* If you are getting your milk delivered, we charge $5 per month regardless of the amount of milk you are getting in order to cover delivery costs.
* You can sign up for shares in half-share amounts.  Purchasing a half-share costs $12.50 and the monthly cost is $28.00 per month.

Pick-up at the farm process:
* Bring your empty jars and lids back each week and put them on the shelves.
* If you purchase other items while at the farm, use the sales slip to identify the other items and put the sales slip in the payment box.

Contact us to join the milk share!