At Shag Valley Farms, we like to keep things honest and simple. Like dairy, eggs, pork, and beef produced with no added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, toxins, or synthetic fertilizers. We are farmers who care about the environment, the animals, and you—our customes.

Raw Goat Milk Products Shares
Available come April 2019 Goat milk, cream, kefir and yogurt! Our happy, free-range goats produce high-quality milk!
Elderberry Syrup
Boost your immune system with our deliciously sweet elderberry syrup.
Local Honey and Beeswax
Nothing is quite as sweet as local honey. Get yours while you can. It goes quickly!
Farm Fresh Pork
Enjoy the convenience of having a freezer full of pork roasts, chops, ribs, ham and bacon.
Grass Fed And Finished Beef
Now accepting deposits for 2019! Delicious 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef!
Maple Syrup
Strong Maple Flavor; Rich dark color; Superior cooking results
Fresh Field Harvest
Non-GMO, naturally grown, heirloom variety fruits and vegetables are available all growing season.
Goat Meat
Available in fall and winter.
Cosmetic Grade Lard and Tallow
No waste here! Fresh lard great for soap and lotions! Not for Food
Farm Fresh Eggs
The ultimate fast food for any time of the day!
Why doTERRA! When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing essential oils gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been

Want to know where your food comes from? At Shag ValleyFarms, we’re happy to show you. Make an appointment! To discover the who and why behind your food.